Mirrors AcademyMirrors Academy

why choose mirrors academy?

Excellent Staff

Mirrors Academy is a stickler to detail and adheres to the highest quality standards that are in vogue the world over. To achieve its quality objective, Mirrors Academy ensures that its educators are trained to the highest standards and undergo regular professional development. Equipped with the latest techniques and knowledge in the industry, the staff brings a wealth of experience to craft an inspiring learning environment, boosting high expectations of students’ success through knowledge advancement.

Top-class facilities

The key to learning a skill quickly and with precision is practicing it in state-of-art facilities that simulate a pragmatic environment, throwing up issues that surface in real circumstances. Mirrors takes immense pride in investing on global standard facilities complete with essential equipment one uses during their careers as beauty agents at international institutions. The world-class learning environment at Mirrors Academy is purposefully built to nurture each student’s ambitions and propel him/her into global reckoning. A fully equipped library, student break-out area with individual student lockers and a cafeteria are some of the pluses that complete the student’s experience.