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Quality has been at the heart of everything that founder Dr Vijayalakshmi Goodapati does. Creating a skilled pool of people who can compete with the brightest talent from across the world is her understated goal. She visited London. Paris, Hongkong, Bangkok and the US to understand how some of the world’s best beauty academies worked and what mad them stand out. In line with whatshe saw there, she cerated globally relevant courses, brought in top class educators trained to to the highest standards,built world-class facllities and arranged coloration with the much esteemed L’Oreal Professional.

Students are very appreciative of the facilities and take pride in getting trained at the academy. They regularly get to work with film stars, top models in the country and known names from all walks of life, and they love it. Before a student graduates,he/she gets to work on 50-60 live models; which means students are skilled ready with enough hands-on experience. Engineer, science graduates, accounting and software professionals… the pool is diverse. What’s more, students as far as middle East, Africa, Uk and USA have enrolled into the courses and are training to become beauty professionals.