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Photo Gallery

2018 Photo Gallery

Mirrors Academy Makeup Class Graduated

16th May 2018

Samir Savla Training Session

15th May 2018

French Trainer Caroline visits at Mirrors Academy

20th March 2018

Poonam Sood & Hemali Mehta Soft Skills session

1st March 2018

French Trainer Caroline visits at Mirrors Academy

19th March 2018

Simi Keer visits to Mirrors Academy

1st March 2018

Priya from Loreal Master Class at Mirrors Academy

17th April 2018

2017 Photo Gallery

15th Hair Dressing Batch Convocation

11th April 2017

Graduation Ceremony L’Oréal Arth 16th & 17th Beauty Batch

9th August 2017

Graduation Ceremony 17th Hair – 19th Beauty – 20th Makeup Batches

18th December 2017

15th Hair Batch Ramp Walk

16th March 2017

Javed Idrisi Makeup Session

12th August 2017

Mirrors Academy Vipul Chudasama Training Session

16th January 2017

Creative Cut and Colour Vipul Chudasama Training Session

July 2nd 2017

Beauty Expert Richa Training Session

July 2nd 2017

Mirrors Academy Photoshoot of 16th Batch

July 17th 2017

15th Hairdressing Batch Convocation

17th March 2017

Team Mirrors is getting trained for Soft Skills

June 3rd 2017

2016 Photo Gallery

10th Hair Batch Graduation Ceremony

January 20, 2016

3rd Anniversary Mirrors Academy

4th February 2016

14th Batch of Hairdressing in Progress

10th August 2016

Star Make-up Dorris at Mirrors Academy

27th April 2016

Stan Darren Newton Training Session

January 21, 2016

Star Make-up Dorris at Mirrors Academy

13th April 2016

Richa from Kerastase Training Session

20th May 2016

Diwali Celebrations at Mirrors Academy

1st November 2016

Certification Ceremony 11th Hair and 12th Beauty Batches

26th May 2016

Women’s Day Celebrations

8th March 2016

2015 Photo Gallery

Team Loreal Professionnel visits

August 24th 2015

10th Batch Students Show Their Skills

December 15th 2015

10th Batch Students Show Their Skills

December 26th 2015

7th Batch Graduation Ceremony

February 3rd 2015

8th Batch Graduation Ceremony

June 10th 2015

9th Batch Graduation Ceremony

October 19th 2015

Graduation ceremony of 10th Beauty and Make-up batch

December 11th 2015

2014 Photo Gallery

Asha & Sameer Training Session

Feb 11th 2014

Swedish hairdresser Training Session

Feb 13th 2014

First Anniversary of Mirrors Academy

June 21st 2014

3rd Batch Certification

April 14th 2014

2013 Photo Gallery

First Graduation Ceremony

July 30th 2013

John Guest Training Session

June 4th 2013

Second Graduation Ceremony

Novermber 9th 2013

Students with Blind Children

March 3rd 2013