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2016 Photo Gallery

10th Hair Batch Graduation Ceremony

January 20, 2016

3rd Anniversary Mirrors Academy

4th February 2016

14th Batch of Hairdressing in Progress

10th August 2016

Star Make-up Dorris at Mirrors Academy

27th April 2016

Stan Darren Newton Training Session

January 21, 2016

Star Make-up Dorris at Mirrors Academy

13th April 2016

Richa from Kerastase Training Session

20th May 2016

Diwali Celebrations at Mirrors Academy

1st November 2016

Certification Ceremony 11th Hair and 12th Beauty Batches

26th May 2016

Women’s Day Celebrations

8th March 2016
Graduation Ceremony at Mirrors pics (19)

Graduation Ceremony at Mirrors

23rd August 2016